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AI Native 2023

The Enterprise AI Conference


Bringing together AI leaders across research, startups and global companies for a day of discussion about the state of enterprise AI.


Opening: The Secret to AI Innovation
Cassie Kozyrkov

Opening keynote from former Google's Chief Decision Scientist Cassie Kozyrkov on lessons learned over a decade leading AI teams at one of the world's most innovative companies.

Lightning Round: Responsible AI
Mark Gorenberg, Jeannette Wing

Zetta founder and MIT Chair Mark Gorenberg in conversation with Jeannette Wing, Professor and EVP of Research at Columbia on what it takes to build responsible artificial intelligence.

Panel: The New AI Toolchain
Anirvan Mukherjee, Bob van Luijt, Dani Vila Suero, Diego Oppenheimer

A look at the emerging tool chain supporting large language models and generative AI from leading founders and practitioners.

  • Anirvan Mukherjee (Head of AI/ML Solutions, Palantir)
  • Bob van Luijt (CEO, Weaviate)
  • Dani Vila Suero (CEO, Argilla)
  • Diego Oppenheimer (Founder, Algorithmia)
  • James Alcorn (Moderator)
Panel: Building AI Native Biotechs
Ron Alfa, Surge Biswas, Carolyn Magill

A look at the impact that AI is having on drug discovery and development with leaders from pioneering AI Native biotechs.

Panel: The Evolving Data Stack
Venkat Varadachary, Sol Rashidi, Chad Sanderson, Nachiket Mehta

A discussion about the state of data infrastructure with enterprise data leaders and founders.

Fireside Chat: What's Next for AI
Yann LeCun

Turing Award winner and Meta Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun will join Zetta's Jocelyn Goldfein for a fireside chat on what's next for AI.

Yann is one of the leading voices in AI today and is considered a godfather of deep learning thanks to his development of deep neural networks (with Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio). At Facebook (now Meta) he has overseen the development of the leading ML frameworks and models and with the release of LLaMA has made Meta a champion of open-source AI.

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