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Zetta is an early-stage venture firm.

We lead pre-seed and seed rounds in AI Native startups with B2B business models. We have offices in New York and San Francisco but invest across North America and Europe.
What kind of companies do you invest in?
AI Native Companies

We invest in AI applications, developer tools and data infrastructure.

How much do you typically invest?
Up to $5M (Initially)

We typically invest between $1-5M in the initial round of funding, but keep additional capital reserved for future rounds so that we can continue to support portfolio companies in rounds led by later-stage investors.

Am I too early?

We want to be the first significant investor in the companies we work with. As a thematic fund, we bring to the table a deep conviction in our markets and theses. When we find a founding team who believe the same things we do, we love to back them at the “founder + idea” stage.

Do you lead rounds?

We lead or co-lead the vast majority of pre-seed and seed rounds that we invest in.

Why does it matter if our investor understands AI?
AI Native Startups Are Different

AI native startups have unique needs and constraints, especially compared to tradition SaaS companies. AI startups may face questions and issues like data “cold-start” problems, how humans-in-the-loop can affect the business model and unit economics, how to build customer trust around data privacy or model explainability, how to recruit the right talent, how to navigate emerging regulatory climate around AI. We could go on all day!

How do you “help” companies?
It Depends

We believe that early-stage venture capital works best when it is bespoke. We approach every investment as a unique, long-term partnership, and work with founders where they need it most.

That said, while no two startups are alike, we do see repeating patterns - almost every startup we work with needs to build a team, build an MVP, demonstrate product market fit, and raise the next round of financing. We will be at your side to figure out:

  • Recruiting: Sourcing from our network, help interviewing, and help closing
  • Product: Firsthand product and data strategy advice, plus access to a wide network of expert advisors
  • Go to Market: Are you selling software or a service? Do contracts scale with seats, data volume, transaction volume, or some other metric?
  • Design Partners: Introducing potential buyers, especially those with demonstrated appetite and ability to work with startups
  • Fundraising: We can help you identify the right metrics and benchmarks to secure the next round of funding, help you refine the narrative, and strategically target the investors who are the best fit for you. When other investors see Zetta on a cap table, they know they are dealing with a legitimate AI startup.
Where are you based?
NYC and SF

We have two offices (in New York and San Francisco) in case you need to get hold of us IRL:

  • NYC: 135 W 26th St #10A - New York, NY 10001
  • SF: 168 South Park - San Francisco, CA 94107

168 South Park
San Francisco, CA 94107

135 W 26th St #10A
New York, NY 10001

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